Payday Loan

Payday Loan

By getting a payday loan, you are wanting financial assistance for you current situation. Let us help you with your tough times. It is very simple to apply for our services. Once you have chosen the loan for you, apply online and be instantly approved. More »

Cash Advance

Cash Advance

A cash advance is great for those last minute financial needs. It does not take long to apply for a loan service. In fact, all of our loan services can be accessed within a few minutes. Since everyone is instantly approved, you have no worries. Apply today. More »

Check Cashing

Check Cashing

If you have a check to cash, bring it to Dallas Payday Loan Services. We can cash almost any check you may have. For a complete list of check cashing services, see our designated Check Cashing page on the website. Bring us your check today. More »

Auto Loan

Auto Loan

An auto loan can help you when you are wanting to purchase a new vehicle but do not have the money up front. Instead, you can get an auto loan and finance the vehicle. Drive away in your brand new car today. Let us help you get there. More »


Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

privacy policy page

When we talk about personal information, there are many things we want to keep private. Millions of people have their identity compromised at one point in their lives. This is not something that is an easy process to fix or try to repair. We don't want that person be you. It is important to keep your information as private as you can. You can do this by knowing where you go on the internet. Many websites will store personal information once you have clicked on it. The most important thing you should know is understand what you are reading. The privacy policy on every website is very important. Each one stands for and was created for different reasons. If you are unsure about anything, please feel free to ask.

Every website should have a privacy policy for you to read. A privacy policy is created to inform the website user of their rights as a customer. There seems to never be enough protection when it comes to keeping your personal information private. Dallas Payday Loan Services is the company that takes protection to a different level. The employees at this company, have gone through extensive training. They know how to keep your information secured. We have never had a breech of contract with Dallas Payday Loan Services. It is a priority to protect you and your personal information.

Privacy Policy Purpose

If you have ever heard of a company releasing personal information to the public, you know to avoid that company. Not every person has had an experience with identity theft. However, if you have, you know how hard it is to get your life back in order. We suggest that you protect yourself. This is done by reviewing the privacy policy of the company you will be doing business with. Many companies have different views on what is considered personal information. If you do not agree with that company's privacy policy, we recommend not continuing business. This seems to only create more problems for you in the long run. Not everyone is going to agree on the privacy policy. At the end of the day, we are here for your protection.

There are many fun things we have on our website. However, we want to address the issue of your personal information. Every now and then, we may have a survey that we would like for you to participate with. If you submit your personal information through a survey, you are providing consent for us to store your information. Dallas Payday Loan Services is not responsible for any information that you voluntarily provide. If you continue to complete and submit surveys or other marketing promotions, you are taking the actions into your own hands.

We would like you to understand all information in this privacy policy. If you have subscribed or signed up to receive updates from Dallas Payday Loan Services, you have the option to opt-out. You can choose to no longer receive any information from our company. This is not difficult to choose to opt-out of services. If you are having issues doing this process, talk with an associate. We can help you through the process.

Privacy Policy Regulations

The main goal of the privacy policy is to explain how Dallas Payday Loan Services will share your information. This policy is to help you realize that your information may or may not stay within the company itself. When you visit a website, it is important that you review their privacy policy. It will explain how your personal information will be shared. There will always be certain circumstances that may seem to break the rule. However, these few circumstances will be explained below.

Your Consent
There may be a time that you will provide consent on how your information is shared. Whether this is done by verbally consenting or consenting by written communication. Once you have provided this consent, you are fully responsible for any actions that happen. Please be aware of what you are signing for.

Merging Companies
If for some reason Dallas Payday Loan Services merges with another loan company, every customer will be notified. All personal information and customer accounts will be transferred to the company that was merged with. All accounts will then be accessed between both parties.

Once legal authorization is involved with Dallas Payday Loan Services, we must abide by all state laws. If we receive an order signed by a judge, we must provide the requested information. Unfortunately, you will not be notified of this action. This is also in the policy by state laws. If you would like legal information from our group, we would need a court order.

Fraud Investigations
If you were convicted or are part of an investigation for fraud, we will provide the requested information to the legal authorities that are requesting the information. No matter what type of order what receive signed by a judge, we are required by the Dallas state laws to turn over any information.